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Maskbook (Browser Extension)
Privacy Policy

Last Updated on Jul 10, 2020


This privacy policy document covers first-party implementations of Maskbook the Extension Software, which are engineered to work with web browsers, e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. It does not cover distribution methods (e.g. Google Chrome Web Store), Maskbook website, third-party implementations of Maskbook, or other first-party implementations of Maskbook which are engineered to work in alternative environments (e.g. Apple iOS and Google Android).


Maskbook will collect some data when you use, but the developers of Maskbook have no access to them. The collected data are stored locally, except for the data which are necessary for enabling your friends to decrypt the posts you shared.

The data being collected include: Your social network profile URL, the Maskbook public keys of your contacts (friends, who you follow, and who follow you), the relations between you and your contacts, the cleartext of your posts, the encryption keys of your posts, and the data managed by each Plugin in Maskbook (they have their own privacy policies).


Phrase Definition
SNS Social network service, e.g. Facebook and Twitter.

Information Being Collected by Maskbook the Extension Software

The Extension Software collects the following information and store them locally only and will not send them over network, except for which are specified in other sections. These information are collected for and only for the fulfillment of functionalities of the Extension Software.

Counterparts of such information on other social networks may also be collected, if you choose to use Maskbook for those platforms.

Intermediary Services

Definition: An intermediary service is an online network service which is designed to work with Maskbook software implementations in order to allow Maskbook work properly (or efficiently).

Some information are sent to intermediary services over network, for and only for the fulfillment of functionalities of Maskbook the Extension Software.

Maskbook the Extension Software is designed to work with alternative intermediary services. Alternative intermediary services are those intermediary services which are operated by parties other than the developer of Maskbook. Maskbook will discover alternative intermediary services when first-party intermediary services (those intermediary services provided by the developer of Maskbook) are unavailable or unstable. These alternative intermediary services will be able to obtain the same information which are sent to first-party intermediary services, no less, no more.

Information Being Collected by Alternative Parties

As long as the online services provided by the developers of Maskbook run on PaaS and IaaS cloud-computing platforms and through CDN, services employed by the developer of Maskbook, including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Engine, Microsoft Azure, CloudFlare, Fastly, GitHub, Akamai, Linode, and Digital Ocean may technically be able to intercept communication and computation of online services provided by the developer of Maskbook which are designed for and only for the fulfillment of the functionalities of Maskbook. Intelligence agencies and law enforcement authorities may also intercept communications. The developer of Maskbook assume no liability in such cases of infringement.

Changes to this Statement / Contact Us

We may update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes to our information practices. If we make any material changes we will provide notice on this website, prior to the change becoming effective. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices. If you continue to use Maskbook the Extension Software after those changes are in effect, you agree to the revised policy.

If you have any question about this policy, please contact [email protected].